Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How much does a medium-sized butterfly tattoo usually cost?

How much does a medium-sized butterfly tattoo usually cost?
If you're wondering where I want it, it's going to be somewhere on my back between my shoulder blades. Also, I'd like to have my butterfly tattoo to be the colors of black and blue.

Depends on who does it, really. I've paid $90 for a simple, very small one (slightly larger than a quarter)...and $200 for one larger than my hand with multiple colors. Nobody here can tell you what someone in your area will charge. There are no standard rates, sorry.
Depending on where you go and how clean and professional the environment, you can pay a wide range of prices.
As a general statement, if you "get a good deal" on the price, you may regret the quality later.
(ie: It is better to pay $100 or more on a 5-6 in width now with good quality ink and a very clean environment than to get it for $75 and get an infection or need the color touched up later)
I recommend that you "shop around" and ask friends about their experiences. Find a good clean atmosphere over pricing.
First of all, what's "medium sized" to you ?

Each tattoo artist is going to charge by the hour or depending on the detail and intricacy of the piece.

My tattoo artist charges $130/hour and he does AMAZING work. Don't settle, be picky and be willing to pay more, it's on you forever, and you don't want some stupid young intern (which aren't ALL bad) who charges $20/hr to screw up your skin.

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